Wednesday, 14 January 2015


These are my two favourite MAC Lip liners, Hip 'n' Happy and Nice 'n' Spicy. 
I always draw ever so slightly above my lip line then fill in the rest of my lips. The great thing about lip liner is that it can be worn as lipstick and gives a lot more precision that is very difficult to achieve with just lipstick. Hip n Happy is a much lighter pink whereas Nice n Spicy is a brownish red much like Kylie Jenner's signature shade.

My two favourite shades of MAC lipstick which I think are essential shades for every girl to own are Ruby Woo and Please Me
As you can see these are two very different shades for different occasions. Please Me is a matte light pink that goes amazingly with the Hip 'n' Happy Lip Liner. Ruby Woo is not creamy at all, in fact it sort of drags your lips but once its on it will not move which is amazing. It is extremely matte and looks very classy. It looks amazing for parties and formal evenings. It is a very retro shade that women have worn for decades.


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