Sunday, 15 February 2015


So I have invested in a Smashbox contour kit and I can honestly say I love it!!!
This one retails at £35 and I purchased mine at Boots in the UK but it can be also be bought on Amazon.

This kit is amazing as it has a contour colour, a bronzer and a highlighter. It also comes with instructions on the back of the box and a leaflet inside with instructions on how to contour for your specific face shape and it also includes a brush. The brush is really good as it is small and therefore more precise, however I know there are brushes which could probably produce better results but it does need to be a small angled brush but its up to you whether to invest in that as well. I personally prefer natural hair brushes however they are more expensive and some synthetic ones can be just as good.

The tones in this kit are very natural and not too dark, however the more you apply the darker the colour becomes which means its also great if you have a darker skin tone. The colours also blend easily so you don't have to fight with any dark lines!

Although it's expensive I do think it is worth it although it may take some practice to be able to get the best look for you and to be able to do more quickly. The leaflet inside really helps with that.

Before contouring always apply a full coverage of foundation so that you have an even skin tone and a base for the powder. 

If you have any questions about this product just leave a comment below and let me know what you think, here is a photo of my one with the brush! X


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