Thursday, 14 May 2015


I am so excited to finally make this post on the haul I did around 2 weeks ago. I wanted to wait until I had tried out all of the products before I wrote about them so here we are! My Body Shop haul.
The Body shop has got to be one of my all time favourite stores due to the minimal amount of chemicals they use in all of their products. I always seem to know exactly what I want straight away when I go and this time I decided to get their Vitamin E Sorbet facial cream, body cream and eyes cube, the Elderflower Eye Gel, Coconut Hand Cream, strawberry shower gel and perfume.

The mini red perfume bottle is tiny but lasts SO long. The scent is so concentrated that you only need a tiny amount and it smells so much like real strawberries. The size of the bottle makes it so convenient to carry in your handbag everyday as well. 

The Coconut Hand Cream is one of the most amazing smelling products I have ever owned. The smell reminds me of warm tropical countries and holidays. Its thick but absorbs almost instantly without leaving your hands slippy or greasy.

This Vitamin E Sorbet is the body version of the facial cream in the first photo. Both of these are really light 24 hour moisturisers with little particles in them which release moisture throughout the day. I am a massive fan of the their strawberry range and these leave my skin smelling AMAZING. They are not greasy whatsoever and the facial cream is so cooling and you can also keep it in the fridge too!

Okay so I may or may not have just bought this shower gel because of its scent but either way its perfect for my dryer skin as it is soap free and has cold pressed strawberry seed oil. This means that the seeds were not heat treated and did not have any of their goodness burnt out. Using this along with the body sorbet above leaves my skin smelling delicious. 

This Eye Cube is super handy, it is a cooling Vitamin E moisturiser and a highlighter fused into one! It is perfect for brightening up the under eye areas. Its around the size of my thumb which makes it perfect for carrying around. 

Finally I bought this Elderflower Eye Gel. This has no perfume in it and is water based. It is so cooling and perfect for getting rid of dark circles and fine tired lines around the eye area, it feels a bit like you've had cold cucumber slices on your eyes after using it! Its best to keep this one in the fridge or at least out of sunlight and away from any heaters so that it can work its best. 

I hope you have a wonderful day and feel inspired for your next Body Shop trip! 

Lots of love xx 


  1. I have the shower gel and body soufflé and the body mist in the grapefruit scent and they smell delicious! That eye gel looks really good though because I've started getting darker under eye circles because of revision for exams so I might need to check it out. Have you ever tried the body shop beauty/makeup range before?
    Dalal xo

    1. I love the grapefruit scent too! I had the exact same problem during exam month which is why I bought it and it is really helpful and great to carry around! I have't ventured to their makeup isle yet but I really want to!! x

  2. Really aweskme post. Glad to know they have skin friendly products. Very awesome. Take care.

  3. Really really cool post and some great sounding products!! xx


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