Friday, 10 July 2015


So last month my friends and I went on holiday for two weeks to Ayia Napa in Cyprus. This place is literally known around the world for its crazy nightlife and oh boy it was crazy.

I had the most amazing time and it was such a fun experience. Although I would say that two weeks was a bit too long for me, as the partying was so energetic that towards the last few days I started to feel really tired. Nevertheless it was still amazing and if I could I would do it all over again in a second. 
The hotel we were staying in was called Tsokkos and I am not going to lie it was pretty bad. 
One of the main things that I loved was becoming friends with all of our neighbours in the rooms next to ours. I loved how social everything was, every time you could just walk out of your room and talk to people whenever anyone was at their rooms. Towards the end of the holiday we would just keep our room door open for our friends to come through whenever they wanted. 

One really annoying thing that I think me and my friends will always remember but also laugh about is how after a night out, the next morning we would be trying to get some sleep to recharge for the night ahead and the DJ by the pool would start BLARING bass music through the entire hotel to the point where the balcony window would be vibrating while we were trying to sleep. The worst part was that it wasn't even music it was just bass so we never really got to sleep for that long. 

The nightlife was amazing. Literally ANYTHING goes in Napa and I witnessed some pretty questionable things, however I really did love how relaxed everything was. No one had to worry too much about how they looked or dressed and everything was so social and laid-back, I really wish it was more like that here in Scotland. Clubs in Napa are open till 8am and the drinks are super cheap. For example on our first night we paid 9 euros and that paid for our entry and gave us free endless drinks all night which I really questioned the next day haha! 
Here are some of the photos.

I hope you are all having wonderful summers and I would love to know what your favourite holiday destinations are!

Lots of love 
Emma x


  1. These photos look beautiful! I would love to visit Cyprus ^-^

    Sarah |

  2. Looks like you had a lovely time! This has made me so excited for my holiday to Nice in a couple of days. The pictures are great too!

    Cloudie xx

    1. Thank you! I had an amazing time and I hope you do too on your holiday:) x

  3. lovely place! great pictures :)

  4. Ohh,amazing photos!

  5. Love it! I just got from Cyprus myself and can say that it was amazing for sure! However, I went to a bit calmer side of Cyprus but it was totally worth it :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me


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