Tuesday, 9 August 2016


So if homesickness is going to hit I've heard that it will most likely be around the 3rd week but I haven't felt it yet and I am so glad. One of my worries was that I would end up feeling homesick and therefore unable to fully enjoy my time in Cape Town. Surprisingly, however, the opposite has happened. The longer I am here the less I want to go back to Scotland. I have fallen in love with the laid back and social culture, it really makes me realise how industrial the UK is and how much of it is dominated by massive corporations. I love how there are so many small family businesses here and each one is unique and welcoming, you can really tell that people enjoy their jobs and care genuinely about the services they provide. 

At work this week I ran a two hour workshop with the women at my shelter on the South African Bill of Rights and also the Children's Act 2005. I was only told two days beforehand that I would be doing it so  worked day and night on it but I was very pleased with how it went. Many of the women had been asking me individually about the rights of their children's fathers depending on whether they were married or unmarried, etc. This can be quite a confusing area of the law but luckily for me South African and Scots laws are very similar on this topic. The women were very engaged and interested and had many questions on both topics. 

Considering that South Africa has one of the most advanced written constitutions in the word, whereas the UK does not even have a written constitution at all, I was shocked that many of the women had never even laid eyes on it. The first time many of them had seen their own constitution was during my class! They had never been made aware of their own rights so I am am glad that I picked the topics that I did. Every person should be taught that they are born with certain rights regardless of who they are or what their status is, each person is entitled to the same fundamental protections. 

This week my group of friends and I also went for a night out on Long Street. We found a great bar with a live band and a club upstairs called the Dubliner.  I can't remember what time we got home.  We also went to the Hout Bay Market on Friday which was incredible. It was in the evening and there were all sorts stalls with foods, drinks, clothes, jewellery and anything you could imagine really. It was a really lovely atmosphere and a great way to spend the evening.  Everyone is just so chatty and friendly here.  The next day we went to the Old Biscuit Mill which is a similar sort of market except it is in the morning. I had a Crepe with bacon and eggs for breakfast and a blueberry smoothie. All the little stalls of fresh food were amazing and there were way too many to choose from. Later that day I went with my friends Katy and Hannah to the V&A Waterfront Mall and I was happy to discover the store called 'Mr Price' as it is literally a South African version of Primark as I was in serious need of some new clothes. 

 I hope you've enjoyed reading and I'll leave you with some photos from this week. Let me know what you think in the comments! Lots of love xx

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