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In February my friends and I took a trip to Berlin to celebrate our friends birthday. Berlin had always been on my bucket list and I couldn't wait to experience it with my friends. Needless to say it was insane in the best way. I thought I would write a bit about my time there and share some photos.To begin with, the nightlife... 

My friends and I stayed in Kreuzberg, which is the perfect location for young people, vintage shopping, local food and amazing nightlife. 

Far more things go on in the clubs than I'll explain here so you'll have to go and visit, however it is definitely a techno scene and the music fits the vibes of the clubs so well. During our time there we went to two main clubs, Tresor and Suicide Circus. They sticker your phone cameras upon entry to stop you from taking photos, which at first was strange, as I was itching to document the whole experience (and yes I still sneaked a photo) but this later became something that I forgot about, as it really did help everyone to live in the moment and feel confident in expressing themselves and having fun. The clubs are incomparable to those in the UK (or the ones which I have been to anyway). They are open till the early hours of the morning, people are much more respectful and enjoy the music way more and people don't tend to dress up the way they do in the UK. The fashion is way more laid back and edgy. 

Another incredible aspect of the city is all of its art. It was a dream of mine to see the East Side Gallery and all of the art on the wall. The museum next to the gallery was amazing for getting an insight and understanding as to how German people lived and how the building of the wall impacted them until what was can be considered very recently.

It was also incredible and extremely moving to visit the Holocaust Memorial. The museum shares so many stories and letters from people during the war and reminds us how incredibly lucky so many of us are to be living the way we are now. 

Finally, I have to mention the food. It was so good, we went to a famous burger place called Burgermeister. It was in a very small sort of box, smaller than the size of my living room, located under the subway bridge, in an old public toilet from 1920. The queue was long and there were no seats but it was the best burger I had eaten in my whole life and that is genuinely not an exaggeration. I just cannot bring myself to order a burger here in the UK again after it. 

Let me know if you have been to Berlin and what you did or what you want to do if you go! 



  1. Very cool you traveled to Berlin, I have been to Berlin but not in a long time. I can not believe they sticker your phones in the clubs wow.

    And to see so much good art is great as well. Great post

    Allie of

  2. Great pictures and Berlin looks awesome, would love to visit someday.


  3. I would love to visit Berlin!! Thank you for sharing your photos!

  4. Berlin is one of my favorite cities ever! It´s always great to come back there.



  5. Berlin is so on my wishlist too. I hope to visit soon. Thanks for this guide. Nice shots and that burger is calling my name.

  6. Heeeeyyy, you were in my city! I moved here from London a gazillion year ago (how it feel)! Was interesting to read what you got up to- sounds like you had the perfect balance of day and nightlife.
    Only thing is you know that phone sticking thinig in the clubs? That was something that the infamous club, Berghein started. They banned people from taking phones in because of the stuff that goes on in there like erm, sex is allowed. They don't even have mirrors in their loos.
    And then one by one, other clubs began to copy them which I personally find quite annoying because the other clubs are less notorious and were never as wild as Berghein. Anyhoo, it is what it is!
    Have a lovely weekend ( :

  7. That's amazing that you moved there from the UK!! I read about Berghein but because of the short time we were there fore we didn't want to risk waiting all day and not getting in! hahah its definitely a dream to go there one day though !!<3 that's so interesting, thank you so much xxxx

  8. the burger looks so good! i'd like to visit Berlin one day!

  9. Berlin has transformed itself into a world city of politics, culture and media. With its stunning architecture, culture, shopping and nightlife, Berlin is one of the popular tourist destinations.

  10. What a super fun trip- I love all the art in Berlin! So much texture + character!

    Le Stylo Rouge


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