Thursday, 2 May 2019

Strawberry picking and Stonehaven

A few months ago my boyfriend and I took a weekend trip to go to a popular little village in the highlands, just outside of my city called Stonehaven. It has Scotlands highest award winning fish and chips and ice cream shops, which are both directly next to each other. I had always visited Stonehaven growing up as a kid and throughout my life with my friends so I really wanted to take him. There is also the famous Dunnottar Castle which is really interesting to see. 

I remember how excited I was that it was finally warm enough to wear a dress in Scotland! 

The next day we also went strawberry picking at at farm called Middleton Farm in Potterton, as he had never been before and it is also one my my favourite summer time things to do. It was so fun trying to find the best ones and also trying not to eat them before we had paid for them.

 Thank you for reading! What's your favourite summer activities? 



  1. Strawberry picking looks like so much fun, and what a beautiful village!

    ♥︎ Geeky Posh

  2. The strawberry picking looks like fun! Such beautiful photos ♥

  3. I miss strawberry picking, it 's nice to see a blog where you show things you do and places you go with real outfits that you're wearing.

  4. Strawberry picking looks like so much fun!


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