Wednesday, 25 May 2016


Today I am sharing my absolute favourite and go to summer eyeshadow, the Indian Summer eyeshadow duo by Nars. The shades are described as a frosted champagne and mustard seed. These alone create such a simple and gorgeous summery eyes look for everyday wear. I like to pack the darker shade all over my lid and then place the shimmery colour in the very centre of my lid. The champagine colour can also double up as a really natural looking highlight as it is not extremelly intense or glittery. 

Thanks for reading, let me know what your favourite summer eyeshadows are too!

Saturday, 21 May 2016


I thought I'd make another post today about something a bit different. I wanted to write about my upcoming trip to Cape Town. I am going to be volunteering for a legal aid clinic. I am so grateful for this opportunity as I know there are so many people who need legal help but cannot afford it and also because it will help me to gain valuable experience for work in the future. As the trip edges closer however, I have begun to feel quite anxious. 

I know that my anxiety is mainly centered around the journey itself as although I have travelled quite a few times before, I have never travelled out of the UK completely on my own. I will be taking three flights and will need to be extra alert in order find my way around places that I have never been. I know that it will be an amazing learning experience and will definitely be worth it but it is still something that I am apprehensive about and I am sure many others would and have felt the same way.

Another thing that worries me is the uncertainty of what to expect when I arrive and also settling into my new home and finding my way around a new city. Although I know that with time everything will become second nature, the thought of the first few days is slightly uncomforting although my worries are mixed with excitement so I am definitely focusing on remaining optimistic. I believe that keeping an open mind about what to expect is important as then you do not have any expectations to compare the reality too, meaning that there won't be any disappointments.

I know that I am heading to a beautiful part of the world and there are so many things I look forward to doing on the weekends. Hopefully I'll make a lot of good friends too. I am really excited to visit the markets and Table Mountain. There are so many other crazy things to do as well such as, shark cage diving, scuba diving and sky diving but I think I'll decide on those once I have settled in. 

These images are from 

I would love to hear from anyone else who has travelled abroad and I cannot wait to follow up on this post and share my own photos and experiences and write about what actually happened. If you have any suggestions of places to visit in SA or things that you think I would need to bring with me then please leave me a comment!



Today I felt like quickly sharing my absolute favourite highlighter as I cannot get over how gorgeous it looks! The Physicians Formula Warm Nude Simmer Strips. I love this as gives a bold highlight whilst still looking extremely natural. It is glitter free so it is perfect for creating a dewy skin look and applying to areas of the face other than just the cheekbones without appearing all glittery. I actually broke this one a few weeks ago and felt quite lost without it, I cannot wait for my new one to arrive. Another great thing that I have to mention is the price, it can be found on Amazon for around £15 which I think is amazing considering that it cannot be found in drugstores in the UK.


Wednesday, 18 May 2016


How beautiful is makeup by Too Faced though?! As my summer has finally started and it has been a while since I have made a post I felt like sharing some of these gorgeous lipsticks. Too Faced has got to be my favourite brand in terms of packaging, I just want to display all of the pieces I own like decorations. 

Below in order are:

Razzle Dazzle Rose
I Want Candy 
Sugar Daddy 

The first two are colour drenched lip creams and the second two are colour drenched lipsticks. These retail for around £18 and I love love love the gold packaging. Both the lip creams and the lipsticks are really moisturising, there is almost no difference between them. These are so pigmented but also really sheen due the moisture so they may not be the best option for matte lipstick lovers. I also think that these do look bolder and a bit more precise when worn on top of a lipliner. 

Here are the swatches in the same order with flash and then without.

Let me know what your favourite Too Faced lipstick is and I hope you've enjoyed reading! 

Lots of love xx

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