Wednesday 23 August 2017


Last week I went to visit my best friend who lives in Gothenburg.  It had been almost 2 years since we had last seen each other and it was so much fun spending time with her again, everything was just like old times and I miss her so much already. 

My friend showed me the whole city within the week and we did so many fun things. During the week that I was visiting it was culture week so I got to see lots of various markets and performances.

We went to the harbour and walked along the pier one evening.  We also visited the largest amusement park in Northern Europe with my friend's little sister.  I went on the biggest and fastest rollercoaster in the park, which looped and stopped upside down several times.  It is safe to say rollercoasters are not my thing - I felt very fragile afterwards. I did however win 2kg of Toblerone chocolate, which I struggled to enjoy after the rollercoasters. 

We went to bars, restaurants and clubs and the nightlife was amazing. The food was delicious and I am going to miss all of the independent little sushi bars so much (I love sushi). 


Sunday 22 January 2017


I am obsessed with this watch by Elie Beaumont. Elie is the designer and she wanted to create watches that represented a British style. She wanted her watches to be vintage inspired, yet both elegant and modern and I think that is exactly what she has achieved. 


Thursday 19 January 2017

Iris J Jewellery

Iris J is a jewellery designer based in Hong Kong who designs beautiful high end pieces for women. When you order a piece of jewellery from Iris it is specially made for you.  I think all of the pieces in her shop make perfect gifts.  I love how these rings are simple and elegant yet unique at the same time.  


Thursday 5 January 2017


Over the last month I have loved testing out this range of products from the new skin care brand Meg 21. This brand has just launched in the UK on Amazon and over this past month I completely switched my skincare routine out for these products to see what they can do. 
Currently, four of their eight products are avilable on amazon to order to the UK. They are all here

Now this brand has literally created the most futuristic, advanced products in skin care. The science and studies behind them are amazing and I have never heard of any other products like these so let me tell you a bit about the science behind them. 

So studies have shown that the enzyme F3K, which furthers the production of toxic sugars in the skin, is linked to the effects of ageing. What these products have is a compound, Supplamine, which limits in the production and availability of toxic sugars, meaning that ageing in the skin is prevented. 

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